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3 Ways to Combine Multiple ZIP Files Into One Using Mac

In this blog post, I will show you how to combine split files on a Mac.

Whether you’ve downloaded a large file that has been divided into multiple parts or created a split archive for easier storage and transfer, combining the pieces back into the original file can sometimes be difficult

Fortunately, several methods exist for merging split files on a Mac, and I’ll walk you through each. 

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Understanding Split Files

It is common practice to divide a large file into smaller parts to make it easier to transfer or store. When you split a file, it is divided into multiple segments, each of which is saved as a separate file.

This is also referred to as file fragmentation.

Split files are frequently used when transferring large files over the internet or saving them to external storage devices.

When sending a large file via email, for example, it may be too large to attach as a single file. In this case, the file is divided into sections and sent as individual attachments.

Split files are frequently compressed to facilitate transfer or storage. Zip compression is a popular method for compressing split files.

Split zip files use file extension and are frequently labeled as,, and so on.

To open and use a split file, you must first merge the individual parts back into the original file.

How to Combine Multiple Split ZIP Files using Mac

Here are the three (3) ways to merge these individual files.

Method 1. Using Terminal

The Terminal app is a native built-in application that comes with every Mac. This means you do not need to download or install it.

Because it is a lightweight application, this method is the fastest when merging ZIP files together on a Mac.

Here’s how to combine split zip files using Terminal:

  • Open Terminal

To open Terminal, go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal, or use Spotlight Search to locate it.

  • Navigate to the Directory.

For example, use the command below if your split files are located in the Desktop folder.

cd ~/Desktop
  • Combine the Files

To combine the split files, use the command below and press <Enter> on your keyboard to run it.

cat* >

Replace <filename> with the name of your split file and <outputfilename> with the name you want for the merged file.

The Terminal command will merge all the split files into a single zip file. Once the process is complete, you’ll have the original file ready to use.

Method 2. Use Archive Utility

Another method to combine split files on a Mac is by using the built-in Archive Utility app.

It is a built-in Mac app that allows you to extract and create archives. A compressed archive is a file that contains one or more compressed files or folders.

It can extract files from a variety of archive formats, including ZIP, TAR, and GZIP.

Here’s how to merge split zip files using Archive Utility:

  • Right-click on one of the split files and select “Open With” > “Archive Utility.
  • Combine the Files

Archive Utility will extract the contents of the first split file and automatically detect the other parts. Once the extraction is complete, you’ll have a single file with the original file name and extension.

Note: If Archive Utility doesn’t automatically detect the other parts, you can manually select all the split files and open them at once using Archive Utility. To do this, select all the split files, right-click, and select “Open With” > “Archive Utility.”

Using Archive Utility to merge split zip files is a simple and straightforward method without additional software or Terminal commands.

Method 3. Using Online Merging Tool


Aspose Zip Merger is a web-based application that allows users to combine multiple split zip files into a single file. The tool supports a variety of split file formats, including .zip,.001,.002, and.part1.rar.

Go to Aspose Zip Merger’s website and upload the split zip files you want to merge. After uploading the files, you can select the output format for the merged file, such as ZIP or RAR.

One advantage of using Aspose Zip Merger is that it’s an online tool, which means that you don’t need to download and install any software on your computer.

This makes it a great option for users who need to merge split zip files on the go or from a computer without administrative privileges.


We’ve discussed three different methods to combine split zip files on a Mac.

Terminal commands are a powerful and flexible option allowing you to merge split files quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, the built-in Archive Utility app is a convenient and easy-to-use option that doesn’t require any additional software.

Alternatively, if your ZIP contents are not sensitive in nature, there is always an online uploading solution, like Aspose ZIP Merger, for ease of use.

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Career GUIDE: 7 Skills To Become A Digital Forensics Expert

Digital forensics is a sub-discipline of forensic science and a very specialized and niche field of study.

This niche involves retrieving evidence from phones, laptops, the cloud, and other storage means.

The purpose of using digital forensics to examine data from devices is to maintain complete transparency and prevent any form of data contamination and data alteration.

This is particularly useful when applying digital forensics to uncover digital evidence in criminal investigations and private lawsuits in a court of law.

This article will focus on all the skills you need to be a digital forensics expert.

What are the Skills Required for a Career in Digital Forensics

Here are the seven (7) skills needed in this career.

1. Having a Meticulous Mind

Forensic analysts must meticulously examine digital evidence because the entire analysis process can take a long time due to the increasing amount of data being analyzed and the increasing number of devices.

Having a meticulous mind that is both patient and observant is very important when facing a large amount of data.

Important evidence may slip through the analysts’ eyes if they are not sharp enough.

For example, a mobile phone cannot be treated as just one device now. It is, in fact, a combination of different apps, each having its data to analyze.

Laptops and PCs usually have many emails and document files to go through. All these require patience, time, and effort.

2. Ability to Articulate Technical Concepts

Explaining technical knowledge and know-how in a simple layman’s explanation requires time and effort.

This skill is very important because you may need to present your forensic findings in a court of law before the judge if you are in law enforcement or must explain it to your senior management in your company.

Most forensic analysts start off their career diving straight into technical skills, e.g., encryption, file metadata analysis, system artifacts, etc.,

While they know how to work on their forensic tasks, they often find it hard to articulate these in layman’s language that the public can understand easily.

3. Having an Analytical Mind

This is an important skill to have because there is no single forensic tool that can identify critical evidence for forensic analysts. After all, every case is different, and every piece of evidence is different.

Therefore the evidence is always discovered through the analysis of the forensic analyst.

You can piece together different files based on clues left behind by metadata, system logs, or even the content within the file document itself.

Maybe you are analyzing an email message and noticed a suspicious unique keyword being mentioned. As a result, you search through the entire device and find a piece of substantial evidence in it.

These are examples of an analytical mind a forensic analyst should ideally possess.

In short, you should be able to link files together based on, e.g., commonality, patterns, etc., as you go along with your forensic examination.

4. Likes to Explore Technology

The main reason there are so many sub-disciplines of digital forensics (e.g., mobile forensics, cloud forensics, memory forensics, etc.) is that these are the different technologies out there.

Having the playful mindset to try and the interest to explore new technologies are the primary keys to having a meaningful digital forensics career.

Remember, digital forensics is the aftermath of what has already happened. Therefore, discovering evidence is really about examining files and reverse-engineering technologies to see more data.

When a piece of substantial evidence lies in an unfamiliar technology the forensic analyst is unsure of, they should be curious to learn more and conduct their own research and development (R&D) before anything.

5. Extended Screen Time

Be prepared to spend long hours on the computer screen to analyze and go through document files, emails, images, videos, apps, etc.

Forensic analysts should be comfortable looking at computer screens for an extended period, depending on the current tasks on hold and the storage capacity involved.

Digital forensics depends mainly on commercial and open-source forensic tools.

These software applications are designed to work well on a wide-screen monitor, allowing forensic analysts to examine more data and make software features more accessible.

6. Multi-Tasking Between Devices

It is common for forensic analysts to be working on two (2) or more devices at any given time.

Juggling between examining different devices is considered a time-saving and more efficient way of performing digital forensics work.

You could be working on a laptop here, and you may need to work on another PC there.

Forensic extraction takes time, and processing applications takes more time too. Instead of waiting, time can be used to do forensic examinations on the next device.

7. Fundamentals of Law or Cyber Security Knowledge

Depending on where you work, if you are in government law enforcement, you may need to learn the law and criminal investigation.

Thankfully this knowledge will be provided through training once you join the agency.

If you are from the private sector, e.g., Big Four (4) accounting firms, you may need to know basic cyber security knowledge in addition to the digital forensics knowledge required.

This is because, in the private sector, they take on cyber security cases, e.g., breaches and data thefts.

Having related cyber security knowledge will surely help in this regard.

What is the Career Path

Digital forensics is employed mainly in law enforcement agencies, law firms, and private investigation companies. However, in recent years, more industry sectors have used forensic experts.

The Big Four (4) accounting firms, e.g., KPMG and Deloitte, all have their digital forensics experts in their teams as it is now common to audit and safeguard digital data and digital assets.

Getting professional forensic certifications from EnCase, Cellebrite, and SANS Institute would be best to gain more technical knowledge and be open to more job opportunities.

Career Progression

Typically, you will start as a junior forensic analyst in your company or government agency before moving on to more senior roles such as forensics consultant, forensics manager, and forensic expert in some organizations.

You may get the chance to learn more than one specialized area of digital forensics. For example, learning both computer forensics (examining laptops and PCs) and mobile forensics (investigating mobile phones and tablets)

The more you learn in this niche, the more valuable you will become.

Besides staying in your organization, you can consider moving to bank institutions or big accounting firms, which need forensic experts to analyze and audit data.

What is the Salary range like as a Digital Forensics Analyst?

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a digital forensic analyst is about USD 78,000/-.

This largely depends on who you work for, government law enforcement or private corporations.

As a newly-recruited junior forensic analyst, you can expect a salary range of around USD 53,000/-.

As you gain more knowledge and experience in this field, you can expect a top-tier salary range of up to USD 150,000/– as a digital forensic expert.

You can move on to a higher pay scale if you move sideways into a senior management role or sales role.

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3 Ways to Compress ZIP on Mac Without _MACOSX and .DS_Store

When you create a ZIP archive on your Mac using the built-in archive utility or other 3rd party software, the compressed file may contain a folder named “_MACOSX”.

This “_MACOSX” folder contains metadata about the archive and is visible when extracting on non-Mac systems, such as on Windows PC.  

Other metadata files created by Mac include.DS_Store, AppleDouble, etc.

In Apple’s terms, these are called Mac resource forks.

This article will show you how to remove and avoid having these Mac resource forks (system) files when compressing (zipping) files and folders.

How to ZIP Files on Mac without having the .DS_Store and _MACOSX folders

Here are the five (5) ways to do so.

Method 1. Delete Within the ZIP File

The fastest and easiest way is to delete the Mac system files from the ZIP file itself.

This is useful If you already have the compressed file containing the Mac system files and do not want to redo the whole compression process again.

Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open the Terminal app. You can search “Terminal” using the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner.
  • Navigate to the compressed file you already had. For example, if it is on the Desktop, use the command below;
cd Desktop
  • Now use the command below to delete the hidden system folder “__MACOSX folder”
zip -d __MACOSX/\*

Replace <> with the actual zip file you have.

Method 2. Use CleanArchiver

CleanArchiver is a simple and effective archiving utility for macOS and you will need to install this small application to compress files and folders into a ZIP package.

It supports standard archive types such as gzip, bzip2, and zip as well as compressed disk images.

The compression tool can exclude macOS system files, such as .DS_Store, _MACOSX, and custom icon file (Icon\r) in your zipped archive.

Method 3. Compress using Mac Terminal

When you use the Mac Terminal app to compress files and folders, there will not be any Mac-related system files created.

All you need to do is use a few simple commands.

  • Place the file/folder in an easy directory, e.g. Desktop, and navigate to it.
cd Desktop/newfolder
  • Use the following command to ZIP the folder WITHOUT __MACOSX, _DS_Store, and other Mac system metadata files.
zip -r . -x '.*' -x '__MACOSX'

From the example above, you have compressed “newfolder” located on your Desktop and named it “”.

Optional Step: You can verify the contents inside the zip file (ensure that no system files are included) using the command below;


Once done, you can now copy this zipped file to any Windows PC to unzip it.

Method 4. Use WinArchiver Lite


WinArchiver Lite is a macOS application that can create zip folders fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating System.

During compression, the tool can exclude any Mac OS X files (.DS_Store, AppleDouble, etc.) from a Zip file automatically.

Some of the main features include;

  • Set 4-digit password protection on the zipped file (optional)
  • Supports multibyte characters (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
  • Drag & Drop interface for quick file compression

Method 5. Use BetterZip


BetterZip is a macOS archiving application that can create archives in popular formats, such as ZIP, DMG, TAR, 7-ZIP, and many others.

The compression tool allows you to filter out unwanted files during archive extraction. This includes Thumbs.db, .DS_Store and other Mac system files.

Some of its main features include;

  • Support opening and extracting of over 30 archive formats
  • Ability to join split files with enumerated file extensions, e.g, 001, 002, etc
  • Ability to preview files before the actual extraction

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7 Ways to FIX Telegram Banned Number [Recover Account Unban]

When using the Telegram app, specific mobile numbers have been found to have been subsequently disallowed and banned from using its service.

This banned situation could happen to any existing Telegram user or someone who wants to register for a new account.

The banned message says;

This phone number is banned.”

Typically, this happens when the mobile number is found, suspected, or reported to have violated Telegram’s terms of service.

Depending on the type of violation, it is likely that someone had reported your number to [email protected] or [email protected] or directly on the app itself.

Reasons for Telegram banning mobile numbers

Several account behaviors and third-party reporting actions will result in your account being banned. Here are the most common ones below;

  • Previous Owner Ban: If you are using a new number, chances are that the last owner of this number had gotten themselves banned from Telegram.
  • Suspicious account logins: E.g., keying wrong passwords multiple times and Telegram will safeguard your account from being hacked by banning and locking your account.
  • Reported for Harassment: Your account/mobile number has been reported for stalking/harassment-related activities
  • Reported as having sexual content & nudity: Promoting or sharing illegal and inappropriate materials.
  • Engaging in illegal activities: This can be, for example, the selling and buying of drugs and involvement in Ponzi schemes.
  • Discriminatory views: Spreading falsehood information and hate speech.

This article will focus on what you can do to resolve the problem when Telegram bans your mobile number, making you unable to recover your account or register for a new one.

How to Fix and Recover Account from Telegram Banned Number?

If you believe your Telegram number has been mistakenly banned, you can use the seven (7) methods here to recover your account.

Method 1. D.M. to Telegram Support Team on Twitter

Send a direct message (D.M.) to the official Twitter account of Telegram Login Help.

This account belongs to the Telegram Messenger Support Team, which deals with wrongful bans.

All you need to do is to D.M. the Twitter profile and provide them with your telegram username or phone number associated with the account.

Method 2. Use the “Help” option


Click the <Help> button below the error message.

This will open your email, allowing you to compose and explain our situation to the Telegram support team.

Be prepared to wait between 12 – 24 hours for their response.

Method 3. Email Telegram

Email Telegram stating your banned situation and explaining that you did not violate any of their terms of service.

You can send it to either of these three (3) email addresses (or include them in the email cc list);

The waiting time is generally between one (1) to five (5) working days.

Make sure you check your inbox regularly.

Method 4. Ask a Telegram Volunteer


You can reach out to any of the Telegram volunteer support members.

These are people who volunteer their assistance to help others when they encounter any technical issues.

Find them via;

  • Open Telegram app
  • Go to Settings > Ask a Question
  • Click <Ask a volunteer>
  • A chatbot will appear with options you can choose. Select the issue you face to begin the chat with a Telegram volunteer.

Method 5. Write to Telegram Support Page


Telegram has a dedicated Support Page on its website for users to report technical issues and difficulties.

From here, every user’s issues will be diverted to the relevant departments to look into.

You can use this webpage to submit your request so that the correct technical staff can look into your matter.

Method 6. Get a new Virtual number

Sometimes after trying all methods, the next best way is to register for a new Telegram account while waiting for Telegram’s reply to arrive.

One helpful way is to get a virtual mobile number without needing a physical SIM card.


Hushed offers several features, including call forwarding, custom voicemail greetings, receiving SMS verification codes (OTP), and making and receiving phone calls.

This secondary line app allows users to quickly get their chosen mobile number, e.g., in seven days.

This is suitable for those who want to register accounts for a short period.

  • Install the Hushed app on your mobile phone.
  • Choose the country of the mobile number you want, e.g., from Canada or the U.K.
  • Every purchased mobile number is renewable before the expiry date.

Online SMS Service

Certain online web services offer free temporary mobile numbers for receiving SMS text messages.

Since these virtual numbers are free to use on their websites, you can use them to receive OTP codes and register for a new Telegram account.

Here are some reliable sites where you can receive SMS OTP codes.

Method 7. Wait for the Ban to be Over

Lastly, if you can afford to wait and you do not want to lose that account, the logical way now is to wait for the ban to be over.

This is provided that you have already used and tried all the abovementioned methods.

Based on users’ reports that they had reinstated back their accounts through unbanning, the unbanning duration can range from a week to a few months.

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[7 Ways] You May Not Have a Proper App for Viewing this Content

When you are trying to open certain files on your Android device or using other apps, e.g. WhatsApp, you may encounter the following error message;

You may not have a proper app for viewing this content

This article will list down all the troubleshooting solutions that you can use to fix the issue.

How to FIX the “You may not have a proper app for viewing this content” error message

Here are the seven (7) methods you can use.

Method 1. Add a File Extension at the end

Make sure the file has a proper file extension at the end of it.

There are instances where certain files lack the proper file extension during the transferring or downloading process.

Original File = movie
Edited File = movie.mp4

To add the correct file extension, you need to use a file manager app to do so.

  • Open the file with <Files by Google> file manager app.
  • Browse to the file’s location.
  • Click on the three (3) dots menu icon on the right
  • Select <Rename>
  • Add a file extension to the file, for example, adding .mp4 at the end if you know it is a video file.

Method 2. Install 3rd Party File Viewer

Sometimes it is because you do not have the correct file viewer installed on your device to open it.

All you need to do is to install the right viewer for the file format.

Viewing APK file

This is an Android-specific installation file format; you just need to click on it, and it will install automatically onto your device.

You can use APK Viewer to open and see the contents of the file. If you cannot open it using the viewer, your APK file is corrupted.

Always verify the source of the APK file before installing any app on your device. For security purposes, always use the Google PlayStore for app installation and avoid using manual APK installation.

Viewing DOC file

This is a Microsoft Office word document format, and you can use Microsoft Word to open the file.

Search for the term <Microsoft Word> in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Viewing PDF file

This is a common Portable Document Format (PDF) that is used worldwide.

As there are plenty of PDF readers out there, just search for the term <PDF reader> in the App Store or Play Store.

Method 3. Update your existing Apps

You may encounter this error message when trying to use an outdated app to open and view a file.

The best way is to perform an update on all your existing apps through your Play Store or App Store.

Update Apps on Apple App Store

  • Open the App Store app
  • On the left pane, choose <Updates>
  • Click <Update All> to perform updates on all available apps.

Update Apps on Google Play Store

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Click the profile icon on the top-right
  • Select <Manage apps & device>
  • Choose <Update all> to perform updates on all available apps.

Method 4. Check your device storage capacity

When your device’s storage capacity is almost fully used up, you may also encounter this error message.

The fix is easy for this method.

Make sure that you clean up and free up some free space on your device.

Try not to use more than 80% storage capacity.

Method 5. Check Broken URL links

When you try to visit a website that has been taken down or is temporarily unavailable, e.g. due to heavy web traffic or web hosting down, you will encounter this error message.

Check Website Status

You can check if the website is currently offline on IsItDownRightNow.

Check Cached Site

Whenever you perform a Google search, each result has a cached page that had been saved previously by Google.

You can use this cached page to look at how the site looked in the past.

On your search result, click on the three dots menu on the right side. Choose <Cached> to see its cached page.

Method 6. Parallel / Clone WhatsApp

Check if you have dual apps (also known as parallel apps or clone apps) installed on your device.

For example, you may be using two (2) WhatsApp accounts on your device.

Cloned apps usually have restricted system permissions allowed, and they may encounter this error message.

To fix this, go to Settings > Apps > App Manager > Whatsapp (or any other apps you are using dual-mode on > App Permissions and allow all necessary permissions to storage.

Restart your device and try opening the file again.

Method 7. Check if the File is Corrupted

Sometimes the file itself is corrupted, or it is an incomplete file (e.g., due to partial download)

Use another device to open the file to see if the problem persists.

Lastly, you should try to restart your device and try opening it again.

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5 Ways to Create a Fake WhatsApp Group Chat [Screenshot]

There are times when you want to create a screenshot of a fake WhatsApp conversation between two persons or more, especially in a group chat setting.

This could be part of making a funny prank or is used as a prop in a video or movie.

There are several websites and third-party apps that can allow you to write, generate fake conversation messages, and simulate two (2) or more persons communicating using WhatsApp.

This article will list down the different ways you can use to create a fake WhatsApp group chat.

How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Group Chat?

Here are the five (5) ways to do so.

Method 1. WhatsMock


This Android app can allow you to create and generate multiple fake users engaging in a WhatsApp group chat.

Some of the WhatsMock features are;

  • Create a Group chat and add multiple fake participants by giving them names.
  • Ability to add images and play videos inside the group chat
  • Create contacts with profile pictures and add their last seen status, e.g., online, typing, custom.
  • Add a real contact from the phonebook in the fake WhatsApp conversation.

In addition, you can use the app to fake an incoming or outgoing WhatsApp voice call by having a realistic-looking calling screen.

When creating an incoming fake voice call, you can pretend to pick up the call, and there will be a realistic call timer running in the background.

Method 2. Zeoob


Zeoob provides a realistic WhatsApp chat design and allows users to create as many fake chats as they want.

The WhatsApp chat generator allows you to choose a fake WhatsApp layout for iPhone or Android.

Some of the main features include;

  • Add a custom background image to your fake WhatsApp chat.
  • Option to use built-in emoji or add emoji from your own device
  • Add a profile picture
  • Choose the message status (e.g., seen or unseen) for each message

Chat images are saved in PNG image file format.

Method 3. Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator


This web-based site allows you to create fake conversations that look like WhatsApp chats.

You can use any web browser to access the Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator webpage. The output given will be in the form of a PNG image file.

There are a lot of customization to perform here, including;

  • Phone Settings – editing the name, online status, profile picture, operator name, phone clock timing, etc
  • Battery Options – battery percentage level
  • Connection – e.g., WiFi, 4G, signal level
  • Chat Messages – adding the message content, adjusting the timestamp, and message status (e.g. Read, delivered, etc)

Method 4. Fake Chat App


Fake Chat App is a web-based site that you can use using your web browser.

You can use the site to generate fake WhatsApp chat conversations by changing the name and profile picture of your conversation partner.

Some of the main features include;

  • Easily drag images into the group chat window to attach it
  • Write fake messages as the user, the other party, or an admin in a group chat setting.
  • Ability to add a wide range of built-in emoticons
  • Change the timestamp of each message.

Method 5. FakeDetails


FakeDetails offers an online generator for creating various fake screenshots, including WhatsApp Chat and WhatsApp Video Calls.

One of the key features is its ability to create fake WhatsApp chat using either an iPhone layout or an Android layout.

This is especially useful if you want to have both layouts for pranking purposes.

Some of its features include;

  • Option to hide or un-hide the header (i.e. time, battery level, network status)
  • Edit the name of the fake user
  • Edit the online status
  • Edit the chat conversations of both parties

You can export the final fake output image as a PNG file format.

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7 Ways to FIX WhatsApp File Format Is Not Supported [Solved]

WhatsApp supports various popular file formats, including video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and 3GP, and document file types such as Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

When sending attachments, the maximum file size per attachment allowed is 16 MB.

Sometimes when you attach a file, WhatsApp will give you an error message that says;

The file format is not supported.

This could be due to several reasons, and there are surely workarounds you can do to ensure that your file gets delivered to your intended recipient.

This article will list down all the different methods you can use to fix this WhatsApp error message.

How to FIX WhatsApp File Format Not Supported Problem

Here are the seven (7) ways to do so.

Method 1. Check the list of WhatsApp Supported File Formats

WhatsApp supports various popular file types, including video, audio, and document formats.

The common ones most people will be using are;

  • Video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP
  • Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AMR
  • Image formats such as JPEG, PNG, WEBP
  • Document formats such as DOC, PDF, and TXT

Always refer to the full list of supported WhatsApp file formats and check if your file is listed there.

Method 2. Convert it into a different File Format


The best way to convert the file into a supported file type format.

This method ensures you can successfully send the file to your WhatsApp recipient.

There are several ways to do so.

Using an Online Converter

When the file itself is not sensitive (e.g. non-official work document or personal file), you can convert it by uploading it onto online converters services.

Installing a File Converter

When the file is personal and sensitive in nature, you will want to use an offline application that can be installed onto your computer.

You can consider any of the following;

Method 3. Upload the File Online

You upload the file online to a cloud storage service and send the URL link via WhatsApp to the recipient.

The recipient will download and play the file via a third-party media or document viewer. This can be easily installed on both mobile and computer devices.

You can consider using the following file-hosting services;

Method 4. Changing the location of the file

The file’s directory path may cause certain problems with WhatsApp.

To rectify this problem, you must change the file’s location on your device. You should move it to another main directory, e.g. under the Downloads main folder.

To change a file’s location in Android, use the native File Manager app or use 3rd party apps like Google Files or ES Explorer.

  • Open the File Manager app.
  • Navigate to the file’s location.
  • Choose <Move to>
  • Navigate to your new directory location and click <Move here>

Your file has now changed to a new directory location.

Method 5. Update WhatsApp version


Upgrading WhatsApp can fix technical bugs and introduce new features to the app.

This can involve having newer supported file formats for sending attachments in WhatsApp.

To update your WhatsApp;

  • Go to PlayStore or AppStore
  • Search for “WhatsApp
  • The option to update will appear if there is a new version release

Method 6. Is the File stored in an External Storage Media

Sometimes the file you intend to send is a corrupted file or is an incomplete file due to an earlier download error.

If the file resides in your device’s external storage space, such as a microSD memory card, you may want to open the file using another computer to test it out.

This is to ensure that the file is in good working condition. This can be a video, audio, or document file.

If the file is corrupted, you should attempt to repair it or replace it with a new one.

Method 7. Correcting Device Date & time

When your device has an incorrect system date and time, this can cause your apps to crash or not to be working properly, including WhatsApp.

Devices with incorrect dates and times can have conflicts with WhatsApp servers, resulting in many app failures.

Make sure your device is in sync with the right date and time

Correcting System Date & Time on Android

  • Go to Android Settings
  • Search the word “time zone” using the magnifying glass icon
  • Click on <Use network-provided time zone>
  • Make sure both options are ON for <Use network-provided time> and <Use network-provided time zone>
  • Check that your time zone is set correctly to your country.

Correcting System Date & Time on iPhone

  • Go to iPhone Settings
  • Select <General>
  • Click on <Date & Time>
  • Turn ON <Set Automatically>

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