Can a Telegram Admin Remove the Owner? [Explained]

The realm of Telegram is ever-evolving, with new updates and features frequently adding layers of complexity to this popular messaging app.

One question that often sparks debate and curiosity among users, especially those managing or participating in Telegram groups, is: Can a Telegram admin remove the owner?

Understanding the dynamics between an admin and the group owner in Telegram is crucial. Why?

Because it can make or break the collaborative spirit of a community, set the tone for member interactions, and dictate the future of the group.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the inner workings of Telegram’s administrative structure. We aim to clarify the limitations and powers of an admin about the group owner.

Whether you’re an admin wondering about your scope of influence or a group owner curious about the solidity of your position, this blog post will shed light on all the angles of this intriguing query.

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Quick Answer: Can a Telegram Admin Remove the Owner?

The short and sweet answer is no, a Telegram admin cannot remove the group owner.

The owner of a Telegram group holds the ultimate authority and cannot be removed or demoted by an admin.

However, there are some workarounds and strategies for managing leadership conflicts or transitions, which we’ll explore in this guide.

Curious about the powers of an admin in Telegram? Well, it’s a layered system, and while admins do have substantial control over the group, there are limits to their capabilities.

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Understanding Telegram Admin Roles

Navigating the waters of a Telegram group requires a solid grasp of the roles at play. This section is dedicated to breaking down those roles for you, namely the Telegram admin and the Telegram group owner.

What Is a Telegram Admin?

An admin, short for administrator, is essentially the group’s manager. They’re the ones who handle day-to-day activities, such as moderating messages, adding or removing members, and adjusting group settings.

However, not all admins are created equal; the group owner determines their powers.

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What Is a Telegram Group Owner?

The group owner is, well, the kingpin. They’re the ones who initially create the group and have absolute authority over it.

The owner can assign admin roles, demote admins, and change the entire direction of the group if they so wish. Unlike an admin, the owner’s powers are not limited by any other authority within the group.

How Does Telegram Admin Authority Work?

So, you’re an admin or aspiring to be one, and you’re wondering just how much control you actually have in a Telegram group.

The key takeaway here is that admin authority is a flexible concept. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Let’s unpack this.

Types of Admin Privileges

Admin privileges can range from basic moderation duties to almost full control of the group. It all depends on what permissions the group owner grants. Typically, you could be in charge of:

  • Message Moderation: Deleting messages, pinning important updates, etc.
  • Member Management: Adding or removing members from the group.
  • Setting Changes: Modifying group description, photo, or other settings.

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Limitations of Admin Authority

While an admin might seem like they wield considerable power, there are boundaries. The most significant limitation? Admins can’t remove or demote the group owner.

They can’t even change the permissions given to other admins—that’s solely the owner’s prerogative.

Differences Between Telegram Admins and Owners

By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a hierarchy of power when it comes to Telegram groups. But let’s make it crystal clear.

While admins have a good deal of authority, they are not on the same level as the group owner. Let’s break down these differences in digestible chunks.

Power to Add or Remove Admins

An owner can appoint admins and bestow upon them various privileges. On the flip side, an admin can’t promote another member to admin status or remove existing admins. That power lies solely with the owner.

Ability to Change Group Settings

The group owner has the final say in all matters related to group settings, including its name, picture, and rules. Admins might be granted permission to tweak these, but only if the owner allows it.

Final Authority in Conflicts

When disputes arise within the group, the owner’s word is the law. Admins can moderate to some extent, but the owner has the final say in resolving conflicts and making pivotal decisions.

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Reasons Someone May Want to Remove an Owner

Ah, the plot thickens. While the power dynamic within Telegram groups is pretty clear-cut—owners reign supreme—there could be compelling reasons why someone might want to remove an owner.

Let’s explore some of those scenarios, shall we?

Inactivity of the Owner

Imagine you’ve got a group that’s thriving with active discussions, but the owner is MIA. This could lead to stagnation or even chaos if there’s no active moderation.

Unethical or Abusive Behavior

When the owner uses their power to manipulate or mistreat members, it’s natural for folks to want a change in leadership. Abusive language, discriminatory practices—you name it.

Change in Group’s Direction

Maybe the owner started the group with one objective in mind but has since lost sight of that mission. Now the group members, who joined for the original purpose, are left scratching their heads.

Financial or Business Reasons

For business or monetized groups, an inactive or unresponsive owner can be a hindrance to potential growth or profit-making strategies.

Lack of Transparency

People like to know what’s going on, especially when they’re invested in a group. If an owner is making arbitrary decisions without any explanation, members may feel the need for a more transparent leader.

Workarounds: What Can You Do Instead?

Alright, so we’ve established that removing an owner is a no-go, but don’t throw in the towel just yet.

If you find yourself at odds with the Telegram group owner for whatever reason, there are a few workaround strategies you might consider. Let’s dig in.

Create a New Group

When all else fails, sometimes the simplest solution is to start fresh. Rally the troops, create a new Telegram group, and shift the conversation there.

Approach the Owner Diplomatically

Tread lightly, but it’s worth considering a direct chat with the owner to address your concerns. Who knows? Maybe they’re unaware of the issue and would be open to change.

Utilize Admin Powers Wisely

If you’re an admin, use your permissions to maintain group harmony as best as you can. You can’t boot the owner, but you can still moderate discussions and manage other group aspects.

Transfer of Ownership

If you’re really in a bind and the owner is amenable, they can transfer ownership to another member. This is a more technical route but entirely possible. Here’s our guide on how to transfer Telegram channel ownership to help you out.

Report to Telegram

In extreme cases involving harassment or illegal activity, you can report the group or user to Telegram. However, this should be your last resort and only for serious violations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are some of the most commonly asked queries about Telegram admin roles and group ownership.

Q1: Can a Telegram Admin Remove the Owner?

Nope, an admin cannot remove the owner of a Telegram group. The owner holds ultimate authority and can’t be ousted by anyone else in the group.

Q2: Can Another Admin Remove the Creator in Telegram?

Negative. Similar to the first question, one admin can’t remove or demote another admin unless given the specific permission to do so by the owner. And certainly, an admin can’t remove the creator (owner).

Q3: How Can I Remove Owner from Telegram Group?

You can’t, unless you’re the owner. If you are, you can transfer ownership to another member before leaving the group. Curious about how to do this? Check out our guide on how to transfer Telegram channel ownership.

Q4: What Are the Powers of Admin in Telegram?

Admins can moderate messages, add or remove members, and possibly change group settings—depending on the owner’s permission.

Interested in more? Our article Owner vs Admin in Telegram Explained has all the juicy details.

Q5: What Happens to a Telegram Group if Owner Deletes Account?

When the owner deletes their Telegram account, the group doesn’t vanish but becomes ownerless. If there are admins, they continue to have the same level of control, but no one can take on the role of the owner.

Read what happens to a Telegram group if the owner deletes their account for a full explanation.


Alright, let’s come back to the burning question: Can a Telegram admin remove the owner? Short answer: Nope, they can’t.

Admin roles in Telegram are robust, but they’re not all-powerful. Only the owner has the ultimate say in a group, from member management to setting alterations.

Admins operate within the boundaries set by the group’s owner.

So, if you’re an admin, it’s vital to understand the extent of your powers and limitations. And if you’re an owner, you’ve got the reins, but use that power wisely to create a harmonious Telegram community.

Hope this clears things up for you! If you’ve got more questions about Telegram, don’t hesitate to dive into our other guides, like how to see someone’s Telegram last seen if hidden or is Telegram last seen accurate.

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