Does Telegram Compress Images? [Tested and Proven Results]

Telegram app offers two (2) ways to send images. One is the compressed method (the default method), and the other is the uncompressed method, preserving the original image quality.

This article will show you how to send using the two (2) methods and test what changes Telegram made during the image compression process.

Does Telegram Compress Images?

Yes, Telegram offers the compression of images by default. However, you can also choose the uncompressed method as well.

It is up to the user to choose whichever method they prefer.

What are the changes Telegram makes during image compression?

We did a test experiment using an original image (6000 pixels x 4000 pixels) that is 891 KB in size, using the compressed method (default) to see the difference.

The table below shows the changes made to the original image.

PropertiesOriginal ImageCompressed Image
Resolution (in pixels)6000 x 40001280 x 853
File Size891 KB40 KB

Telegram makes three (3) changes to the image file during image compression. They are;

  • Filename
  • Resolution
  • File Size

The original image filename had been changed, mainly to reflect the “yyyymmdd” date time format.

Telegram also altered the image resolution, shrinking it from 6000 x 4000 pixels down to 1280 x 853 pixels.

Lastly, Telegram reduced the image file size from 891 KB to a mere 40 KB.

What are the different ways of sending images on Telegram?

Below are the two (2) different methods you can use.

Method 1. Sending UnCompressed Image

This method will teach you how to send an uncompressed image using Telegram.

Select your image and click on the three (3) dots (menu option) on the top-right.


Now you will see the option that says <Send without compression>. Click on it.


Your image has now been sent over to the receiver in its uncompressed state.

Method 2. Sending Compressed Image (Normal Way)

This is the default method for Telegram users.

Just select your image to send over and click the blue arrow icon (bottom right) to send.


Your image’s filename, resolution and file size will all be altered and reduced.

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