7 Easy Ways to Know If Someone Muted You on Whatsapp [2022]

When you are being muted on Whatsapp, there are several signs you can look out for to know this.

The mute action on WhatsApp makes the pop-up notification disappear, meaning that the person will not be notified of your income messages.

However, all your sent messages will remain visible when they open their Whatsapp. So it is up to them to decide if they want to read them.

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How Do You Know If Someone Has Muted Your WhatsApp Messages?

Here are the seven (7) signs you can use to see if someone has muted your Whatsapp messages.

1. Presence of pop-up message notification


Be physically near the person and the target phone, for example, when it is placed on a desk. Make sure you can visually see the phone screen and close enough to detect if the phone is vibrating.

Now, send your WhatsApp message to the target phone.

  • Observe if the phone has any notification rings when you send the message.
  • Even if you are not being muted, your Whatsapp messages should have a visual pop-up notification on their screen.


You are likely to be muted if there are no visual pop-up notifications of your message.

2. Observing too many unread messages


In Whatsapp settings, a double-tick (grey or blue) equates to the “read” status. This means your message has been delivered and read by the person.

When someone mutes your WhatsApp message, a good chunk of your sent messages are often “unread” since the person does not get notified in real-time.

The person is likely to be using Whatsapp as usual since they still get notified of incoming messages from others they did not mute.

Your messages will eventually get “read” once the person decides to check them out. When this happens, you will notice that all your sent, but “unread” messages will get “read” at the same time.


Observe if your messages often get delayed “read,” and a big portion of them get “read” at the same time.

3. Sending a tempting or urgent message


The aim here is to test whether the person has muted your Whatsapp messages in real-time.

If the person did not reply to you in a reasonable time, you could be sure that they had muted you.

The results will be better if you are physically near the person. For example, if the person checks their phone regularly, but your Whatsapp messages remain ” unread”, you have been muted.


Send a tempting, curious or even urgent message to the person, and give it reasonable time for a reply.

4. Analysis of Last Seen Timestamp


You need to observe the timestamp of your sent message versus the last seen timestamp of the person.

If you had already sent your Whatsapp message an hour ago and the last seen timestamp of the person was recently, but yet your message remains “unread”, this is an indicating sign of you being muted.


The person’s last seen timestamp was very recent on Whatsapp, but your messages remain “unread” for hours or longer.

5. Mute Duration


Currently, there are three (3) mute durations available in Whatsapp.

  • 8 hours
  • 1 week
  • Always

Sometimes the best way is to wait it out and hope it is not muted to “Always” (permanent).

After the mute duration, your Whatsapp messages will return to normal, and the person will receive your message notification.


Wait for the mute duration to expire since it can be set to 8 hours or 1 week.

6. Presence of Mute Icon


Depending on your situation, you can take the phone, open Whatsapp, and see if this “Mute” icon is next to your name (see image above).

This icon means you are being muted.

To unmute yourself, press the three dots menu on the top-right and select <Unmute notifications>.

7. Use Whatsapp Calling


This applies to both Whatsapp Voice and Video calling features.

The person will get notified when you start a Whatsapp call to them.

Even if you are being muted, your Whatsapp voice/video call will get through to the person’s phone, and the person will have to either pick up or reject your call.


Give the person a Whatsapp Voice call. If this is not picked up, there will still be a pop-up notification on the phone screen.

The chances of your Whatsapp messages getting read now are high since the person is notified.

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