3 Ways to Fix Google Drive Quota Exceeded [Solved]

Have you ever been cruising along in your Google Drive, only to hit the dreaded “quota exceeded” message? It’s a bit like running out of gas on a road trip. Well, you’re not alone.

How do I fix the Google Drive exceeded quota issue?

That’s a question we’ve heard quite often. Before jumping into the fixes, let’s understand what this means.

When Google says “quota exceeded,” it basically means that your Google Drive is full.

Just like when your backpack is stuffed to the brim, and you can’t squeeze in that extra snack, Google Drive also has a limit to how much data it can store.

But don’t worry; we’re here to help you navigate this tech hiccup. We will explore three ways to tackle the “Google Drive quota exceeded” issue; trust us, it’s easier than you think!

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Fun fact #1: Did you know that when it was first introduced in 2012, Google Drive offered a whopping 5GB of storage for free? That's like carrying around 1,000 songs in your pocket! 

Understanding the “Google Drive Quota Exceeded” Issue

Alright, so we’ve hit this roadblock named “Google Drive quota exceeded.” What does that even mean? Basically, it’s Google’s way of saying, “Hey, your storage is full. No more room for new stuff.”

Each Google Drive account comes with 15GB of free storage. This space is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Now, if you’re a bit of a digital hoarder (hey, no judgment here), you might find yourself bumping into the “quota exceeded” message.

Imagine you’re planning a road trip with a small car. You start loading up your luggage, snacks, and maybe a cooler, and suddenly there’s no room left for your favorite inflatable flamingo floaties.

That’s the same principle here. Your Google Drive is the car, and your files are all the things you want to bring along.

Fun fact #2: Your emails in Gmail, including all those attachments, count towards your Google Drive storage limit. Bet you didn't see that coming!

Method 1. Upgrade Your Google Drive Storage Plan

Our first solution is just like upgrading to a bigger car for that road trip I mentioned earlier. If your Google Drive is bursting at the seams, it might be time to consider upgrading your storage plan.

Why Upgrade?

Well, think of it like this. If you’re a movie buff with a large film collection, a single shelf might not cut it. You need more space, so you get a bigger shelf. The same applies to your digital files.

Upgrading your Google Drive storage plan gives you more space to store all those important files, photos, and maybe even 1000 shots of your pet (we’ve all been there).

How to Upgrade?

Upgrading your Google Drive is as easy as pie. All you need to do is head over to Google’s storage plans page, select the plan that suits you, and you’ve got more space!

Fun fact #3: Google's storage plans are now called Google One. Not only do you get more storage, but you also get a few extra perks, like access to Google experts and the option to add your family to your plan.

Method 2. Free Up Storage Space

Alright, folks, let’s talk about our second solution. It’s a bit like decluttering your closet. Got clothes you haven’t worn in a year? Time to let them go.

The same goes for your Google Drive – if there are files you don’t need anymore, why not free up some space?

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Drive Clean?

Just like keeping your room clean makes it easier to find that one sock you’re always losing, keeping your Drive tidy makes it easier to find your files.

Plus, the less unnecessary stuff you have, the less likely you are to hit that pesky “quota exceeded” issue.

Easy Steps to Free Up Space

Cleaning up your Drive is a breeze. Start by deleting files you no longer need. Remember, they’ll go to the Trash folder, so make sure to empty that too.

Got a bunch of old emails with large attachments? Those can go too. And don’t forget about those backed-up photos and videos on Google Photos – if they’re backed up elsewhere, consider removing them from your Drive.

Method 3. Utilize Google Drive Alternatives or Cloud Storage

Okay, so we’ve upgraded our storage and tidied up our Drive, but what if we’re still bumping against that quota?

Well, there’s a wide world of cloud storage out there, and it might be time to explore alternatives or additional options to Google Drive.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Remember that road trip we’ve been talking about? Well, sometimes, one car just isn’t enough.

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of friends who want to join, or maybe you’ve found some cool stuff you want to bring back along the way. Either way, having an extra car (or two) can come in handy.

The same goes for cloud storage. Having more than one option can give you more space to store your digital stuff.

Top Google Drive Alternatives

There’s a buffet of cloud storage services out there, each with its own perks. Dropbox offers easy syncing and file sharing.

Microsoft OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Office 365. And Apple’s iCloud is a great option for Apple device users.


We’ve been on quite a journey, haven’t we? From understanding the “Google Drive quota exceeded” issue to exploring ways to tackle it, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground.

Like a road trip, it’s been an adventure of discoveries and fun facts.

Remember, whether you’re upgrading your Google Drive storage, tidying up your digital space, or exploring other cloud storage options, the goal is to ensure you have enough room for all your important files.

So, the next time you bump into the “quota exceeded” message, don’t worry. You’ve got the map, the keys, and the know-how to navigate this tech roadblock.

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