3 Proven Ways to Verify Telegram Without SIM Phone Number

When registering for a new Telegram account, the app requires you to provide a phone number to verify you with a five-digit one-time password (OTP) via SMS text message.

Currently, the only way to activate a new Telegram account is by providing a valid phone number.

Sometimes, there are valid reasons why we do not want to give our personal mobile number, e.g., for privacy and work-personal separation.

There are different ways to bypass the need to use a SIM phone number to receive the Telegram SMS verification code.

How to Receive Telegram Verification Code Without Using a Personal SIM Phone Number?

Here are the three (3) ways to do so.

Method 1: Use a Virtual Number App

Several secondary phone number apps on the AppStore or Playstore offer a virtual second-line number for your calling and texting needs.

These second-line apps are installed onto your phone, and you can have multiple (as many as you like) phone numbers as you want.

Here are some virtual number apps you can use;


Hushed offers several features, including call forwarding, custom voicemail greetings, receiving SMS verification codes (OTP), and making and receiving phone calls.

The second-line app allows users to get their chosen mobile number for a very short time, e.g., seven days.

This is suitable for those who want to register accounts on social media and email accounts within a few days.

  • Install the Hushed app on your mobile phone.
  • Choose the country of the mobile number you want, e.g., from Canada or the U.K.
  • Every purchased mobile number is renewable before the expiry date.

Numero eSIM

Users can make low-cost calls with Numero eSIM‘s secondary mobile number and send and receive SMS messages.

You can also use it to obtain Telegram SMS verification codes.

When using Numero, users can accept incoming calls for free everywhere in the world.

You can choose virtual numbers from over 80+ countries and over 4000+ cities.

  • Make calls and receive SMS messages.
  • International WiFi calling at local rates with Local calling plans.
  • Voicemail and Call forwarding features
  • Privacy Caller-ID (hide your number) for local and international calls

Method 2: Use an Online SMS Service

Certain online web services offer free temporary mobile numbers for receiving SMS text messages.

Since these virtual numbers are free to use on their websites, you can use them to receive OTP codes and register for a new Telegram account.

Here are some reliable sites where you can receive SMS OTP codes.

Keep in mind that mobile numbers on free sites tend to run out quickly, and these sites don’t offer new numbers very often.

Consider getting a paid virtual number service because it is a more reliable approach, as you are the only one using that number. OnlineSIM offers such a personalized virtual number service.

Telegram may occasionally require its users to confirm their cell phone numbers. Therefore, if you intend to use your Telegram account for a long time, you might want to think about renewing these virtual phone numbers.

Method 3: Receive Phone Call Verification

An alternative way is to get Telegram to call you instead of receiving the SMS OTP code on your phone.

You will retrieve the OTP code when you listen to the automated phone message.

  • During registration, you provide Telegram with the virtual mobile number
  • When asked to verify and enter the 5-digit SMS OTP verification code, select the option <Didn’t get the code>.
  • Telegram will attempt to call you on the number you provided.

For that, there are several online international phone calling (and voicemail services) that you can use.


Talkroute is a virtual phone system suitable for businesses and individuals who are always on the move.

Users can make and receive international phone calls, manage SMS texts, and reply to voicemail messages using desktops, computers, web browsers, and mobile devices. 

To receive verification OTP code from Telegram, you can use Talkroute to receive and listen to incoming phone calls.

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