11 Ways to Know If Someone Had Blocked You on Telegram

When you are being blocked in Telegram, there are several tell-tale signs to know and find out if this is true.

During blocking, all your messages cannot be delivered to the person and will not be delivered, even after unblocking.

What are the tell-tale signs to know if someone has blocked you on the Telegram app?

Here are the eleven (11) ways you can use to find out if you are being blocked in Telegram.

1. Paradox of single & double-ticks


When the person starts to UNBLOCK you and send you messages, you will notice a strange phenomenon where all your previously sent messages still have only single ticks.

This seems to be a paradox because the person must have seen all your previous messages before they can send you their following replies. It does not make sense at first glance.

The only explanation for this paradox is that you were blocked previously and recently unblocked.

Once you start to send replies, all these single ticks of yours will become double ticks.

2. Observing too many unread messages


A double-tick beside your sent message indicates the “read” state in Telegram settings. This suggests that the recipient has received and read your message.

When you are being blocked in Telegram, these messages are not immediately informed; therefore, a sizable portion of your sent messages are frequently “unread.”

The person may continue to use Telegram as usual, as they will still be notified of incoming messages from others who are not blocked.
Your message will eventually be “read” when that person decides to unblock it. In this case, you can see that all your sent but “unread” messages will become “read” at the same time.

Tell-tale signs

Observe if your messages often get delayed “read,” and a significant portion of them get “read” at the same time when the person unblocks you.

3. Unable to add the person in a Group Chat


One quick way to know if you are being blocked is to try adding the person to a new Group chat.

You will encounter the following error: “Sorry, you can’t create a group with these users because of their privacy settings.

When you see this, you are likely to be blocked by this person.

This situation only applies to you. For the person who blocked you, they can add you (if they wish) to another new Group. They will not receive any Telegram error messages.

4. Unable to make Telegram Call


When you are blocked, you cannot make a Telegram Call to the person.

Try making a Telegram Call to the person, and you will encounter this error message that says, “Sorry, you cannot call <person> because of their privacy settings. You can ask them to modify their settings or to call you instead.

5. Use another phone number to send a Telegram message


The best way to confirm if you are being blocked is to send a message to the person using another phone number.

You may want to pretend to be another person with a new Telegram account and ask the person some questions to get them to reply to you. Unfortunately, if they respond, this means you are likely to be blocked in your old Telegram account.

6. No presence of pop-up message notification


Be present while the target phone is being used, such as when it is set down on a desk.

Make sure you are close enough to feel the phone vibrate and see the screen of the phone.

Now, send your Telegram message to the target phone.

  • Observe if the phone has any notification rings when you send the message.
  • Even if you are not being muted, your Telegram messages should have a visual pop-up notification on their screen.


You are likely to be blocked or muted if there are no visual pop-up notifications of your message.

7. Analysis of Last Seen Timestamp


When you are blocked, you will see the person’s status as “last seen a long time ago“.

The best evidence is physically seeing the person using the Telegram app, but you still see this timestamp status. Or you had communicated with the person using another Telegram account, yet the timestamp status remains the same.

8. No Display/Profile Pic Shown

When the person is blocking you in Telegram, you can no longer see their display or profile picture.

The blocked display pic will be like the image shown above (5. Absence of Online status).

9. Absence of Online status


As mentioned above, you will always see the person’s status as “last seen a long time ago”.

Therefore, you will never see the “Online” status of the person, as long as you remain blocked in Telegram.

10. You no longer appear in their Contacts list


If you’re not on someone’s contact list, they may have blocked you.

Blocking someone on Telegram will prevent them from appearing in your contact list.

This is because the person you blocked has decided to hide their profile from you.

11. Check if Account is deleted


Telegram users can choose to delete their accounts and once removed, the deleted account can behave similar to a person who had blocked you in Telegram, e.g. your messages keep getting single ticks and etc.

To make sure the person did not delete their Telegram account, go into their profile and see their name. You should not see “Deleted Account” here.

If you did not see it, you are highly to be blocked by the person as the person is still using the Telegram app.

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